Geary supports a per-account full text search. To start a search, select a folder associated with the account you'd like to search against. Then click the search box in the toolbar (or press Ctrl+S) and start typing. Results will appear after a brief delay.

The full text search includes email text, email addresses (to, from, and cc), subject lines and attachment filenames.

Keywords that match your search are highlighted in the message view. Geary will match different forms of the same word, for example searching for "walk" will also match "walking" and "walked."

Search operators

Geary supports the following operators to limit the scope of searches:


Finds messages with attachments whose name matches filename.


Finds messages where recipient matches the BCC header.


Finds messages whose body contains text.


Finds messages where recipient matches the CC header.


Finds messages where sender matches the From header.


Finds messages whose subject contains text.


Finds messages where sender matches the To, CC, or BCC header.

As a special case, the bcc, cc, from, and to operators support me as their argument, which searches for the account's email address in the appropriate context.