The Preferences option is available in either Geary's application menu or the gear menu in the upper-right of the toolbar. (The location depends on the install desktop shell. For GNOME Shell and Unity, the application menu is available near the top-left corner of the screen.)


Automatically select next message

When this option is enabled, Geary automatically selects the latest message in a folder when you enter the folder. In addition, after archiving a message, Geary automatically selects an adjacent message.

Display conversation preview

Enables message previews in the conversation list. Previews show the first few lines of each message.


Enable spell checking

When set, Geary automatically spell checks a message as you write it, underlying each misspelled word in red.


Play notification sounds

When set, Geary plays a sound whenever a new message arrives.

Show notifications for new mail

When set, Geary displays a notification each time a new message arrives. Notifications are displayed in a system-dependent manner. On GNOME Shell, notifications appear at the bottom of the display. In Ubuntu Unity, notifications appear at the upper right of the display.