public abstract void install_pango_message_pane (string markup, ButtonMode mode = CANCEL)

Works just like install_static_message_pane but allows markup to contain Pango text formatting tags as well as unstyled text.

If an error has posted, the PluginHost will not honor this request.


markup the text to show in the pane, marked up with Pango formatting tags.
mode allows you to set the text displayed on the close/cancel button in the lower-right-hand corner of the on-screen publishing dialog box when pane is installed. If mode is ButtonMode.CLOSE, the button will have the title "Close." If mode is ButtonMode.CANCEL, the button will be titled "Cancel." You should set mode depending on whether a cancellable action is in progress. For example, if your publisher is in the middle of uploading 3 of 8 videos, then mode should be ButtonMode.CANCEL. However, if the publishing operation has completed and the success pane is displayed, then mode should be ButtonMode.CLOSE, because all cancellable publishing actions have already occurred.